Dear Ausg’steckt is! 2017 players!

Here the last? information about the tournament.


google spreadsheets


Sleeping gym, games:

Schloßparkhalle Wolkersdorf,

Kirschenallee 4

2120 Obersdorf

Dinner, Party (Saturday 18:45 - ??):


At the corner of  Hauptstraße / Seyringerstraße

2120 Obersdorf

Tournament mode

  • Indoor
  • soft-mixed (2 women on the line)
  • continuous play
Some important information

please bring your own cutlery, plates, cups and water-bottle (tap water in Wolkersdorf has excellent drinking quality!)

we will offer some food during the day for a small fee

  • Gym is open from 7 pm
  • Breakfast starts at 8:00
  • Captains meeting: 8:45
  • Games are starting at 9:00
  • The dinner is held in two parts (18:30 and 19:30) cause there is not enough space for all players at one time
  • The Party "Brace yourself! Fight for power in the underground of Wolkersdorf" starts after the dinner in the same location
  •  Breakfast at 8:00
  •  Games are starting at 9:00
  •  Final at 4:05 pm